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We are a Photography Design Studio based in US, established in 2005 and have been since working on state of art  projects around the world!


Claudia007 at Light Mastery

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Weather you are looking for Portait, Fine Art, Concept Art, Cover Art, or a Stock image of Nature inspired themes and Wildlife, we most likely are able to share some astounding Imagery with you or Create your own from your most elaborate Vision.
We Love to be challenged and our recent projects have taught us so much, Most of all how much fun we have while Creating!



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Malissa de Krijger


From A Mastering light workshop

Learning from and working with renowned teacher and photographer @frankdoorhof is a joy, with many sets and backgrounds to work with as well as lovely and professional models. Hope to say that some of it stuck and assisted with my work for Cosmic Odyssey and all the Compositing we did for that Project


Our Latest Travels

From Our travels to France, or more correctly the Catalan/ Occitan region close to the Spanish border. Our faves, Banyuls sur mer, Port Vendres and Collioure….nicely lined up every one with it’s own Character

Banyuls House

Banyuls Qauintness

Lighthouse_PortV endres

Port Vendres Light House

France Catalan region

Collioure Overview

Collioure Overview

France Catalan region