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As a creative being we have had many iterations of web-sites and a few names for our business. When asked to be the brightest we can be it was fun to see all these lines of my past come together in a clear focussed way. Beacons of Light travel is still our travel-site. So looking for short brought us first to a beam and then to  yup be – light. We choose to radiate that joy and leavening action into every day.

Other Activities and interests

Beacons is comprised of Martien Bakens, a globe trotter and adventurer and Teressena, artist and fellow wayfarer. We can be found on the Central Coast in Arroyo Grande or roaming the tide-pools. Our classes, workshops and books take us to many exotic locations and how we enjoy bringing our camera with us.

Authors, Alchemists, teachers and visionaries we share our time with many tribes around our lovely planet.

In 1997 I traversed the globe and was bitten by the travel bug. I was able to capture the incredible beauty of the wildlife in Canada and Australia. Journeying to China, I gravitated toward portraiture as I was inspired by faces and expressions of the people in the Yunnan province, where there are yet 24 minorities that have successfully resisted Chinese influence and exhibit strong local identities. Exquisite traditional costume and culture!


The key of my portraiture is actually allowing the essence of the client to shine through in the images. My keen intuition guides me in bringing the person’s inner light into view. Depending on the direction you as the client chooses to take, simple backgrounds or more elaborate costumes can add to the desired effect.


Often one can often find me shooting on the central coast of California, in tidepools or one of the many wildlife refuges. I love to go on the nature walks organized by the friends at NANPA. As a bird lover, a trip to Costa Rica meant one item came off the bucket list.

Bringing your vision to life

We shoot Sony Alpha mirrorless

and will travel to your location

We can send you a specific portfolio when you wish to see how we may translate your vision into images that speak a thousand words.


The Secret of Be – Light

Our quest for a great image starts with ourselves. When we are doing what we are called to do and it gives us great joy. It erupts from us. It up-lifts and shows you from your best side, allowing for an easy flowing process.


I have traversed the globe and still immerse myself in it’s beauty everyday. I find it in the little things, even macro, a point that emits so much light it catches the eye.


We invite you to our simple studio, or we can travel to capture you in your natural surroundings. With a focus on your business and light camera , action it will stand out!


Our motto is less is better and we do love natural light, however we have ample umbrella’s and reflectors to bring out the best in our clients. As new tools become available we choose to stay abreast of our choices. Always expanding we are.


We do enjoy grand collaborations. A super make up artist, or stylist will add pizzazz to your shoot and assist in translating that into the final images. You as our client may see yourself surrounded by excellence so you can … simply be you!

Travel Portfolio

To feature images that reallyhave gained some recognition and of course remind of the glorious places we visited while able to shoot travel highlights

Ryukyu Lantern Festival

Morro Bay Blues

Antigua street scape

Antigua Impermanence

Blue Alsace

Okuma Beach light


New Magazine shoot

C – Within – is a new offering and and invitation to explore and dream; to see within, to see your inner wolrd through the outer beauty, ideas, and reflection found within it’s pages. To see your soul, its depth, its strengths, its worthiness, its creativity, its beauty and grace.


Kristine Wilkerson invites you to explore your fire in the belly.


A place to connect with people who are being their fullest expression


C Within is a place for conversation and contemplation, for growth and deeper understanding of full presence, awareness, balance, alighment, self-expression and gratitude.


C Within is a place to center within – express and receive the gifts of widom and beauty. It is an attempt to give back to the world a measure of what we take from it daily.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

It was delightful to work with you. The pleasure was all mine and I look forward to the proofs and the inaugural issue of C- Within

Dayle E Spencer

Loving spirit

Transforming the journey of loss

Working with Martien is an experience that radiates a bright burst of creativity that brings to light an energy you not only see but feel in his photographs.  He is charming, in tune and possesses an authentic understanding of his subjects and the surroundings he intends to capture.  His photographs truly mark moments in time with craft and eloquence. 

Anna Wilson

Award winning singer,


I have had the pleasure of photographing with Martien for some time now at various NANPA events. I am especially impressed with his desire to learn more in depth about all things photographic. He truly is a life-long learner as well as a teacher and freely shares his knowledge and expertise. Martien consistently makes those around him comfortable in developing  an optimal environment for capturing images of any subject or client. His abilities and experience allows him to find the heart of his subjects. It is truly an adventure to be involved in any creative photography event with Martien. 

Bob Canepa

Photographer, NANPA host

Latest News

Happy to share news and images from our travels, shoots and fortunate magic we come across.

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